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Mr. Kent Reed Noble

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Kent claims it took a few decades to find his passion, but only a few minutes to commit the rest of his career to it.

Kent’s introduction to the Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership was a video featuring a “Cowboy Ethics” curriculum developed for at-risk kids (vimeo.com/27026296). He was so inspired by the piece that he volunteered to work on the Center’s next video production, “The Code of the West: Alive and Well in Wyoming" (vimeo.com/7931683).

The rest, as they say, is history—Kent became fully committed to the cause of “raising the bar” among business and community leaders, as well as disadvantaged youth. In fact, Kent and his former employer, the University of Wyoming, College of Business, teamed with Jim Owen and the Center to create the “Standing Tall in an Upside-Down World” principled-leadership initiative.

As the executive director, Kent uses the Center’s resources to inspire others to be “better versions of themselves”.

Kent’s professional background includes senior leadership positions in broadcasting, college athletics, and higher education. He and his wife, Leslie, live in Timnath, Colorado with their three school-aged children—Lindsey, Tate, and Ella.

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