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Advocacy for the Intergenerational Age: Persuading the Next Generation

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Time: 8:30 AM - 11:45 AM
Presenters: Mr. Dominic J. Gianna
Ms. Lisa A. Marcy
Credits: 3 (including 0 ethics)

The concepts demonstrated and explained in Advocacy for the Intergenerational Age are practical and trial tested by both instructors in courtrooms and hearing rooms across the country. Plan to improve your advocacy skills in ways you haven’t considered, but mostly, plan to have fun the way thousands of participants in this innovative program have!

Winning in today’s intergenerational age demands that lawyers communicate through generational differences. Two of America’s most entertaining and sought-after advocacy teachers – Dominic Gianna and Lisa Marcy – teach and illustrate how to persuade an Alphabet soup audience (whether judge, jury or panel) of Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, and soon, Gen i cohorts. Whether you are new to the profession or an experienced veteran, this program will deliver the art and science you need to win over the generations before, in, and outside the courtroom.

Lisa and Dom (with the help of some fictional and real-life colleagues) guide you through a focused re-tooling of openings, closings, directs and cross-examinations. They illustrate the critical concepts of pre-decisional bias, mind schemata, conformational bias and selective attention to create powerful, passionate presentations.

The program segment Gender Empowerment and Winning, reveals how to use gender strengths and avoid gender weaknesses to create winning styles that are truly gender neutral. Their “legally blonde bias” demonstration illuminates the “new normal” for women professionals, and male lawyers will learn the advantage of engaging their “emotional IQ.”

Participants have called this program “extremely educational,” “inspired,” “amazing,” “incredibly professional and polished,” and “just plain fun!” Join the fun and become a believer yourself!