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Issue: August, 2007
Author: Sleeter C. Dover

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Executive Director's Report

Where are they? Which way did they go? I must find them; I am their leader!

Ever had the feeling of not being sure if your employees are following you; or chasing you?! Then you have a clear understanding of how your new Bar Executive Director feels right about now. No amount of experience, age, training or insight can prepare one for those first few days, weeks, and months in a new job. While the Bar President, the Executive Committee, the Board of Commissioners, and certainly your dynamic Staff have all been most helpful and patient with me, I alone can appreciate the dizzying whirlwind within which I now find myself. Experience has taught that all will become clear in due time, so I take solace in the knowledge that if it has been done before, it can be done again.

On that rather murky note, let me say greetings and salutations to you all! I want each and every one of you to know how honored and proud I am to represent you and the Wyoming State Bar. As you may or may not know, I have had around thirty years of experience representing Wyoming in one capacity or another. Nothing pleases me more than to take the “Wyoming way” throughout the state and nation. As I have often noted, it is not possible to just “live in Wyoming; after a while, Wyoming lives in you.” That is certainly true in my case, and I suspect (actually know) that it is true with most if not all of you.

My very first week on the job, I had the good fortune to attend the annual Board of Commissioners Strategic Planning Retreat at the historic TA Ranch in Johnson County (great job, huh!). After having attended several retreats there previously, I was warmly welcomed by the Madsen’s like a long lost relative, and I can happily report that they have not lost their touch as exceptional western hosts (particularly at meal time). But even more fulfilling, were the resulting goals and objectives agreed upon by your Officers and Commissioners. My staff and I are truly energized by the direction and insights provided, and from personal observation and belief, I feel that you too will be most satisfied with the “service-driven” philosophy espoused by the Officers and Commissioners. Several new initiatives and products are now under consideration and being investigated as a result of the most recent Bar Survey, and you should rest assured that the Officers, Commissioners and Staff hear you and are proceeding diligently to meet your needs and expectations.

Philosophically speaking, I am most interested in showing the “kinder/gentler” side of members of the Bar. In future editions, I will seek your support in “ratting out” your colleagues and associates so that we might ensure that their friends, co-workers, and entire communities and state become aware of the tremendous service and “random acts of kindness” rendered by members of the legal community on their behalf.

Likewise, while I have you as my captive audience, let me extend a personal and sincere invitation to each of you to please stop in and say hello and share your thoughts, impressions, concerns or just a cup of coffee when in Cheyenne or the local area. You are always welcome, and since it is nearly impossible for me to visit each of you personally, it would surely make my job easier and increase my efficiency by meeting all of you “up close and personal.”

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