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Issue: October, 2007
Author: Gay V. Woodhouse

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From the President . . .

Greetings all members of the Bar! My theme this year is “Inward, Outward and Upward.” It is my goal to continue the wonderful efforts that have been made by my predecessors and most particularly, Joe Bluemel, to strengthen the Bar as an organization and make it an asset to every licensed attorney in the state. To that end, I will outline some of the goals we have to address the internal efforts of the Bar, the “inward,” if you will.

Strengthen and Enliven Bar Sections
We currently have twelve practice section of the Bar: Administrative Law, Business Law, Criminal Justice, Disability & Elderlaw, Federal Bar, Family Law, Government Law, Medical/Legal, Mineral Law, Taxation, Young Lawyers and the recently formed Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Section. The largest section is the Mineral Law Section with 54 members. Several sections have 30 or more members. Other than the Young Lawyers Section and the Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Section, we are not aware that other sections are active or even have officers. If you are an officer in a section, please contact Sleeter Dover immediately, so we can begin to work with you to strengthen your section. He can be reached at (307) 632-9061 or by e-mail at sdover@wyomingbar.org.

By the time of this printing, I will have sent out a letter to section members asking them to volunteer for officer positions in their section, to set up conference call meetings to hold elections and begin to conduct business which will make the section beneficial to its members. It is my hope that each of these sections will begin to work for the benefit of the members by 1) hosting conference calls on toll-free numbers that will be provided by the Wyoming State Bar, and 2) by incorporating all section members in a section listserve that will be developed by the Bar. For those who do not know what a listserve is, it is a special kind of e-mail group that is set up so that e-mails from members are sent to everyone in the group, in this case, everyone in the section. By using that group e-mail capability, member comments and news can be broadcast to everyone in the section. It is a way to share ideas, recent case developments and to ask questions of people who are in the best position to answer them because of their common area of interest and expertise.

The Bar is also willing to work with members and officers of sections to assist in other services you may want to provide. If you would like to publish a section newsletter, we can assist with copying costs and distribution.

On your annual license fee statement for 2007-2008, you will see that all section membership dues have been increased to $25, with the exception of the Young Lawyers Section. This increase will help us provide more hands-on assistance with the sections from Bar staff. It is my hope that you will sign up for the sections as you have done in the past and help us help you with what you want and need to make your section membership an important part of your practice and your Bar membership!

In addition, the Bar Officers will be contacting section members to encourage involvement and continued membership in the section as we work to make these memberships important to each one of you. President-Elect Rick Lavery will be involved with the Administrative Law, Disability and Elderlaw and Mineral Law Sections. Vice President Bill Hiser will be involved with the Business Law, Family Law and Young Lawyers Sections. Treasurer Eric Jones will be involved with the Criminal Justice, Government Law and Taxation Sections. I will be involved with the Federal Bar, Medical/Legal and Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Sections. Our goal is to assist in every way possible to implement ideas you have to make your sections helpful to you.

Please let us know what else we can do to make this part of Bar membership viable and beneficial to you.

In addition, as part of our “inward” goal, during the upcoming year, President-Elect Rick Lavery and I want to meet with your County Bar organization. Please let us know when you have your meetings. We can plan to come to meet with you and let you know what we are working on to assist you in your Bar membership. Please contact Sharon Wilkinson at (307) 632-9061 or by e-mail at swilkinson@wyomingbar.org with your County Bar’s meeting schedule.

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