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Issue: October, 2007
Author: Sleeter C. Dover

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Executive Director's Report

Everything old is new again, pardner!

Well, here we are again. Poised on the precipice of a brand new state bar year, and all of our old (familiar) favorites, more or less, are back again. Riding off into the sunset (a la John Wayne) is Past President Joe Bluemel. Secure in the notion that he pacified what at times surely must have seemed to him to be an unruly and lawless crowd of cowpokes and cowpokettes! Nonetheless he kept his nose to the grindstone, his eye on the prize, and after the smoke had cleared, he had more than met his obligations and exceeded our highest expectations. Our thanks and appreciation to Joe cannot be overstated. As I am sure he planned, and as is the best that any incoming Board President can hope for, the Wyoming State Bar he leaves is better off than the one he found.

Speaking of hope, new boss wrangler Board President Gay Woodhouse is really stirring up the dust as she begins her term ridin’ high in the saddle. It appears that no critter on the prairie, or in the Wyoming State Bar, is going to be safe from her positive energy and steely-eyed aim. This straight-shooter has already set her sights on ridin’ herd pretty closely on the two-year strategic plan and goals outlined this past year, and there appears to be nothing to dissuade her from rounding up and deputizing as many bar members as she deems necessary to bring the whole herd to market. You are forewarned that a wanted poster with your name and picture on it may have already been posted.

Back to ride shotgun this year is President-Elect Rick Lavery. A hardened cowboy from the badlands out west, Lavery is the quintessential “sidekick” if ever there was one. Always on the lookout for double-dealing, back-shooting, Rules of Professional Responsibility-evading reprobates, this tall and silent type carries a double-barreled commitment to a law and order bar association, so you better keep a sharp look-out and watch your back!

Now comes the new “greenhorn” of the posse. William “Billy” Hiser of Laramie City will be bringing up the rear on this years cattle drive. While his main focus at the back-end of this enterprise will be just trying to see the forest for the trees (so to speak), do not for one moment disregard the Vice President and his keen, dusty-eyed attention to detail and dutiful attention to his sworn oath to uphold the law of the association. President Woodhouse has on many occasions remarked on how comfortable and secure she is when “Billy” has her back!

Well, folks, the time has finally come to pay up! Eric “money bags” Jones has just ridden into town, and he is packing two calculator irons this year. From the eastern range, this quiet, unassuming, tight-fisted Secretary/Treasurer has faced down many a delinquent creditor, and keeps a very tight reign on those profligate spenders down in Ol’ Chey town. Your banker holds his calculators close to the vest, and your money even closer. Any prospective “hole in the wall” wannabe that has his eye on “money bags” and the association’s purse, might just want to keep in mind that the whole 2007/08 association posse, along with all available hands standing by to be deputized, stand ready to circle the wagons in protection of the Wyoming State Bar.

Eureka folks! You will not believe it, but Dan “peacemaker” Massey from out ‘round Rawlins way has just been sworn in as the newest “dude” on this posse. Word is, “peacemaker” is a tried and true leatherneck that brooks no guff and leaves no Posse Pardner behind.

Well that settles it! Everyone hitch up your wagon and ride easy across the Wyoming prairie because we are now assured that the landscape is now as peaceable as a newborn calf. I guarantee it, pardner!

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