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Issue: August, 2008
Author: Sleeter C. Dover

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Executive Director's Report

Coming Soon!

Fall 2008 promises exciting and dynamic changes in the judicial and legal infrastructure of Wyoming. The anxiously awaited renovation and remodel of the Wyoming Supreme Court building is moving forward and promises to be one of the most exciting physical enhancements to the pursuit of justice in Wyoming in our lifetime. And a little bit closer to home, the new Wyoming State Bar building is likewise moving full throttle towards a fall completion.

Consistently, the need and advantages that this new facility will bring are being demonstrated almost on a weekly basis. Our diminishing ability to adequately accommodate depositions and mediation facilities in our cramped quarters is becoming even more pronounced as we strive to provide first class support services to our members. A major feature of our new facility will be the addition of two designated and furnished Deposition/Conference rooms that will better serve both parties to any action. These offices, along with our Officers and Commissioners board room will provide much needed and more appropriate legal services space than we could ever provide currently. An added feature of the planned board room will be the ability to “convert” from the normal formal board/meeting configuration to classroom configuration which will allow for CLE and other training opportunities for up to 20 participants per session. It is the intent and hope of the Officers and Commissioners to truly develop our offices into the Willis Van Devanter Law Center in fact, and not just in name only as is the case presently.

We are in the early planning stages of producing radio and television “legal minute” type programs for distribution statewide where members will have the opportunity to tape short, law-related messages for regularly scheduled legal issues presentations to the general public. One radio station here in Cheyenne is most interested in having a regularly scheduled “ask a lawyer” type program where members can participate as legal experts in their chosen areas of expertise. This program would run for approximately 20 minutes either weekly or monthly focusing on different areas of the law during each segment. Stand by; you may/probably will be called on to lend your melodic voice and learned mind to participate as guest presenters as these programs come to fruition.

As you read this, the first annual Wyoming “Lawyers for the Cure” charity event in conjunction with the Wyoming Affiliate of Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® will have concluded. Based on initial response to our challenge to out-perform the Wyoming “Docs for the Cure” team, I feel confident that we as Wyoming attorneys far exceeded the efforts and contributions of every other professional team entered this year. If not, well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! At the same time I will take heart in reverting to a popular annual note of commiseration from my youth when rooting for the then Brooklyn Dodgers, “Wait till next year!”

You should also take note that the next issue of the Wyoming Lawyer will be the “welcoming” Rick Lavery Administration edition, and the “thank you” edition for the successfully completed Gay Woodhouse Administration. My, how time flies when you are having fun! There will be much more to say about each as we prepare for that year end, year beginning edition.

As of July 1, 2008, the Wyoming State Bar is now officially assigned responsibility for the Pro Bono/Volunteer Lawyer Program in Wyoming. Current Admissions Director Nancy Shore is the Interim Pro Bono Coordinator, and Nancy along with Communications Director Sharon Wilkinson have developed a most promising implementation and marketing plan. I strongly implore you to take heed to the upcoming requests and solicitations for your enthusiastic participation in this most worthwhile and required access to justice effort. We can and we will enthusiastically promote this effort, but in the final analysis, it is only through your support and participation can we, as the Wyoming State Bar, succeed.

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