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Issue: October, 2008
Author: Sleeter C. Dover

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Executive Director's Report

Kudos, kudos, kudos to one and all. What a great year it has been. I sit in a unique and most advantageous position to observe and gauge the activities of the Bar and its accomplishments, trials and tribulations. From where I sit, the view is one of forward movement and focused service and benefits to members. Your Officers and Commissioners share an almost religious attention to insuring value to members of each and every initiative, idea, and endeavor in which the State Bar is engaged. Above and beyond just the anticipated administrative service oriented aspects of the State Bar staff, your Officers and Commissioners are constantly and rigidly seeking avenues to insure the competency and level of jurisprudence in Wyoming. From continuing legal education products and services to maintenance of high levels of admissions, professional conduct, disciplinary processes and procedures to maintain and enhance the perception and reality of the legal profession in Wyoming.

By my informal assessment, there are over 250 attorneys volunteering their time and efforts to various Bar committees and boards. My calculations put that at around 17% of the active, resident members as of September 15, 2008. This is a truly remarkable and exemplary example of commitment and interest. The future prognosis is likewise exemplary as exhibited by the ongoing willingness of members such as John LaBuda, Robert Brown, Scott McColloch and Steve Palmer, who have agreed to serve as new Commissioners from their respective judicial districts.

Likewise, the Officers and Commissioners are most grateful and appreciative of the volunteers who have offered their services as chairs and officers of the various Wyoming State Bar sections that are now experiencing something of a new birth under the enthusiastic support of these able volunteers and their section members. Again, this reflects the culmination of one of the highest priority projects of the Officers and Commissioners over the most recently completed administrative year. The real-time involvement and educational opportunities of section members at the recently completed Annual Meeting is but one example of the reinvigorated nature of these vital and worthy groups.

As we pause and re-group for the beginning of the new administrative year, I humbly express our heartfelt thanks and admiration to outgoing President Gay Woodhouse who has led this organization with grace, humility, determination, and much humor over the past 12 months.

Advances made, as well as those projected for the future during Gay’s year of leadership, leave a clear picture of a steady and forthright hand at the WSB wheel. Now occupying the driver’s seat is Rick Lavery of Evanston. He is well prepared and driver education certified to take the controls and guide the Bar on down the road in a safe and efficient manner. The added value and navigation assistance available to him from President-Elect Bill Hiser, Vice President Brian Hultman, and long-term Secretary/Treasurer Eric Jones promises nothing but smooth sailing and happy trails for 2008-2009.

I heartily welcome back Commissioners Lynn Boak, Dan Massey, John Cotton, P. Jaye Rippley, Patrick Korell, and previously mentioned newcomers John LuBuda, Robert Brown, and Scott McColloch. Of special note, and of bittersweet acknowledgment, a new commissioner from the Third Judicial District has been appointed in light of the Governor’s appointment of current Third District Commissioner Marv Tyler to the judgeship in Pinedale. Marv played a notable role and steadying influence as a Bar Commissioner, and we know that he will exhibit the same calm and rational demeanor as a member of the bench. Congratulations and good luck, Marv! We welcome Steve Palmer of Rock Springs as the Commissioner to fill Marv’s shoes.

As to the ongoing daily grind here at your Bar office, at the time you read this, you will no doubt have received your 2008-2009 license fee statement. At the same time, we will be settling in to our brand new building at 4124 Laramie Street. We couldn’t be more pleased with this new facility and look forward to welcoming you into the new home of the Wyoming State Bar.

Thanks to all of you for your efforts, patience and help over the past year.

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