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April 2005

Here is is a list of articles which appeared in the April 2005 issue of Wyoming Lawyer:

A Few Tax Principles Every General Practitioner Should Know
Author: Thomas N. Long
Issue: April, 2005
Assessment Appeals of Local Assessed Property
Author: Thomas D. Roberts
Issue: April, 2005
Contingent Fees in Anti-Discrimination Cases: The Bad News for Winners
Author: Scott W. Meier
Issue: April, 2005
Drainmakers: Dealing With Under-Productive Partners
Author: Ed Wesemann
Issue: April, 2005
Ethically Speaking - Committee Recommends Changes to the Wyoming Rules of Professional Conduct
Author: John M. Burman
Issue: April, 2005
From the Desk of the Executive Director
Author: Mary B. Guthrie
Issue: April, 2005
From the President . . .
Author: Mark W Harris
Issue: April, 2005
Health Savings Accounts - An Attractive Option for Employers Facing Escalating Health Care Costs
Author: Joe Greenman
Issue: April, 2005
Practicing Law vs. Preparing Tax Returns: A Calculated Decision
Author: Mary Angell
Issue: April, 2005
Wyoming Welcomes Roberts as Newest Circuit Court Judge
Author: Mary Angell
Issue: April, 2005