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April 2007

Here is is a list of articles which appeared in the April 2007 issue of Wyoming Lawyer:

A Juror’s Oath – A Juror’s Responsibility
Author: Mary Angell
Issue: April, 2007
Bringing Jurors into the Process Through Voir Dire
Author: James H. Barrett
Issue: April, 2007
Communicating with the Internal Revenue Service Through the Office of Practitioner Liaison
Author: Christopher M. Reimer, LL.M
Issue: April, 2007
Ethically Speaking - Communications About Legal Services
Author: John M. Burman
Issue: April, 2007
From the President . . .
Author: Joseph B. Bluemel
Issue: April, 2007
Perspectives on the Jury System
Author: Richard H. Honaker
Issue: April, 2007
The Historic and Cultural Roots of Wyoming’s Right to a Jury Trial
Author: Frederick J. Harrison
Issue: April, 2007
The Making of "Inside a Wyoming Jury"
Author: Sharon Wilkinson
Issue: April, 2007