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December 2008

Here is is a list of articles which appeared in the December 2008 issue of Wyoming Lawyer:

A Balanced and Restorative Approach to Juvenile Justice
Author: Ben Brettell & Jeremy Besbris
Issue: December, 2008
Adultery in the Electronic Era: Spyware, Avatars and Cybersex
Author: Sharon D. Nelson, Esq. & John W. Simek
Issue: December, 2008
Blood Ties: Post Adoption Reunions in Wyoming
Author: Hon. Peter G. Arnold & Anne Reiniger
Issue: December, 2008
Current Termination of Parental Rights Statute: An Incentive to Avoid the Court System
Author: Stacey L. Obrecht
Issue: December, 2008
Ethically Speaking - Juvenile Court, Part III - More of the Legal Knowledge Reasonably Necessary to be a Competent Guardian ad Litem
Author: John M. Burman
Issue: December, 2008
Executive Director's Report
Author: Sleeter C. Dover
Issue: December, 2008
From the President . . .
Author: Rick Lavery
Issue: December, 2008
Learning Ethics the Hard Way: A Review of "Integrity" by Egil "Bud" Krogh with Matthew Krogh
Author: Gregory C. Dyekman
Issue: December, 2008
New Rules for Guardian ad Litem Program
Author: Stacey L. Obrecht
Issue: December, 2008
Raising the Bar: Improving the Representation of Children in Family Law Cases Marked by Domestic Violence
Author: Dona Playton
Issue: December, 2008