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Fee Disputes

Step 1
Read the Rules for Resolution of Fee Dispute.

Step 2
Complete and print the Fee Dispute Complaint (PDF 60K) form. Information can be typed directly into each field, however you will not be able to save the document. Navigate by using the tab key.

Please include copies of bills or other documents supporting your claim. Do not send original documents as they will not be returned to you.

You must file your complaint with 120 days of final billing, defined as:

  1. The first bill submitted by the attorney to a client after the case is closed and after the work to complete the case has been performed for which the attorney was originally hired; or
  2. The first bill submitted by the attorney to a client following termination of the attorney-client relationship by either the attorney or the client; or
  3. A statement which purports to support a distribution of money or value exchanged arising from a contingency fee case.

In addition to timely filing, please ensure that the $25 filing fee is included with your petition. Petitions without payment cannot be accepted.

Step 3
A copy of the complaint is forwarded to the attorney in question. The attorney has 15 days to respond. Upon receipt of the response, the Bar office will assign the matter to a hearing panel.

Step 4
Once a fee dispute has been assigned to a panel, the matter is set for a telephonic hearing. All hearings are conducted via teleconference and recorded, at no charge to the parties. A conference call operator will contact each party and connect them to the call. Witnesses may be called and additional evidence may be presented.

Step 5
Upon completion of the hearing phase, the panel drafts a Resolution Order, detailing its findings and ruling. The Order is served on the parties via certified mail.

Questions? Contact Mark Gifford at (307) 432-2106.