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CALL FOR COMMENTS - Amendments to Bylaws of the Wyoming State Bar

The Board of Officers and Commissioners of the Wyoming State Bar invites comments from Bar members regarding the following proposed amendments to the Bylaws of the Wyoming State Bar. Though most of the amendments are proposed for purposes of clarification and/or consistency, two are more substantive in nature:

  1. A change to the definition of Retired status members in Article I, Section 3(f). The new definition would require members to have reached age 65 or have 25 years of membership to be eligible for Retired status.
  2. A change to the way annual license fees are calculated for new admittees. In the past, new members were required to pay either a full year’s fees or one-half that amount depending upon whether the date of admission fell before or after April 1. The proposed amendment (which appears in Article I, Section 5(c)) will result in annual license fees for new members being prorated based upon the month of admission.

Comments should be submitted to Mark Gifford, Bar Counsel, at P.O. Box 109, Cheyenne, WY 82003, by May 30, 2014.

Click here to download the proposed amendments.