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Wyoming Supreme Court Terminates 12 Attorneys' Memberships to the Wyoming State Bar

CHEYENNE - The Wyoming Supreme Court terminated membership to the Wyoming State Bar for 12 attorneys today.

According to Article I, Section 4(e) of the Bylaws of the Wyoming State Bar, if an attorney who is suspended from the practice of law for non-payment of the annual license fee(s) has not petitioned for removal of the order of suspension from the practice of law prior to the expiration of three years from the date of the order of suspension from the practice of law, the Executive Director may recommend to the supreme court that an order to show case be entered why the attorney’s membership in the Wyoming State Bar should not be terminated. If good cause is not shown, the attorney’s membership may be terminated by the court.

The Clerk of the Supreme Court served a copy of the order to show cause upon each of the suspended attorneys at their last known addresses. None of the suspended attorneys responded or showed good cause why their membership should not be terminated.

The attorneys below are terminated from the Wyoming State Bar and no longer able to legally practice law in Wyoming.

  • William W. Barnes - Boulder City, Nevada
  • Michael E. Bostwick - Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Andrew L. Breffeilh - Jackson, Wyoming
  • Thomas E. Callison - Saratoga, Wyoming
  • Ryan Holt Childs - Laramie, Wyoming,
  • William A. Fogarty Jr. - Jackson, Wyoming
  • David Dart Queen - Pasadena, California
  • James L. Salmon - Fort Thomas, Kentucky
  • Steven Everett Sumida - Anchorage, Alaska,
  • F.L. Thomas Jr. - St. George, Utah
  • Henry Barton Thomas, Jr. - Highland Park, Illinois
  • Keith Douglas Vance - Alamosa, Colorado