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Cheyenne Attorney Disbarred

CHEYENNE - The Wyoming Supreme Court today issued an Order of Disbarment for Cheyenne lawyer, Richard Grant Schneebeck, effective immediately.

Schneebeck improperly charged more than $10,000 in personal expenses for airfare, lodging, rental cars, meals and other travel-related expenses to his former law firm, a portion of which he billed to clients. Schneebeck's law partners questioned the expenses and confronted Schneebeck twice, but Schneebeck denied any wrongdoing. Schneebeck ultimately resigned from the firm, and his law partners, after confirming their suspicions through an internal investigation, reported Schneebeck’s conduct to Bar counsel.
An investigation was performed by Bar Counsel with which Schneebeck and his former law firm cooperated. In the course of the investigation, Schneebeck agreed that he violated several rules of professional conduct, and agreed to a disbarment.

The Board of Professional Responsibility found that Schneebeck violated Rules 1.5(a) (charging or collecting an unreasonable amount for expenses), 4.2 (making false statements of material fact), and 8.4(c) (engaging in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation) of the Wyoming Rules of Professional Conduct.

The Supreme Court approved the BPR's recommendation for disbarment and ordered Schneebeck to pay restitution in the amount of $10,077.33 to his former law firm. Schneebeck was also ordered to pay an administrative fee and costs to the Wyoming State Bar in the total amount of $550.00. Without awaiting payment of restitution, Schneebeck’s law firm reimbursed those clients affected by Schneebeck’s misconduct.