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Wyoming Lawyer Magazine

A Wise Choice for Advertisers

Wise marketers understand that if they want an audience to pay attention to a particular message, businesses need to utilize a medium that the audience prefers and uses frequently. There is only one medium that reaches every lawyer in the state of Wyoming – the Wyoming Lawyer.


The Wyoming Lawyer is the official publication of the Wyoming State Bar. It is a full-color, glossy magazine that is mailed six times per year to every lawyer licensed to practice law in Wyoming. The circulation of the print magazine is approximately 3,500.

Digital Edition

To help advertisers get more from their advertising investment, the Wyoming Lawyer offers an enhanced digital edition of the magazine. The digital edition is available free of charge to anyone who visits the Bar’s website. This only increases readership among audience segments who do not regularly receive or subscribe to the magazine, such as employees of law firms and court personnel.

Another benefit of the digital edition is all ads are interactive with hotlinks to the advertiser’s website and/or e-mail addresses at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

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Classified Advertising

Classified advertisements run at a rate of $1.00 per word with a 20-word minimum. For a rate quote, e-mail the text of your ad to Sharon Wilkinson.

e-Brief Newsletter

This electronic newsletter is distributed to all active, in-state members of the Wyoming State Bar six times per year. Delivered directly to lawyers’ inboxes is an effective way to market your services to the people who need them the most! The only advertising opportunity in this electronic newsletter is classified advertising. Rates are $1.00 per word with a 20-word minimum.

For a rate quote, e-mail the text of your ad to Sharon Wilkinson.

Online Job Bank

Get maximum exposure! With an average of 8,000 hits per month, the Job Bank is the single most effective way to reach Wyoming lawyers.

  • Only $95
  • Unlimited words
  • Posting runs for 60 full days
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