Legal & Community Resources

Informational Videos

The Wyoming State Bar is pleased to provide you with informational videos on various areas of the law. These videos are very basic and provided as informational only.

If you need to hire an attorney, please click here. If you cannot afford an attorney, call the Statewide Legal Services Hotline toll-free at 877-432-9955. Hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.



The Importance of Lawyers in Society (Gerald L. Spence)
Choosing an Attorney (Henry F. Bailey, Jr.)
The Role of a Trial Lawyer (Paul J. Hickey)


Miranda Warnings (Diane M. Lozano)
Family Member in Jail – What Now? (Tamara Schroeder Crolla)

Civil Rights

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) (Linda D. Burt)
Civil Rights
(John H. Robinson)


Credit (Tassma A. Powers)
Debt Consolidation
(Phillip T. Willoughby)
Nuts and Bolts of Foreclosure
(Dannette R. Baldacci)
Death Penalty Appeals (David L. Delicath)

Disputes with State Agencies

Office of Admininstrative Hearings (Deborah A. Baumer)
Elder Law (Kelly S. Davis)

Employment Law

What Are My Rights as an Employee? (Bradley T. Cave)
I Have Been Fired – What Now? (Christopher F. Jorgenson)

Estate Planning

Do I Need a Will? (Cathryn L. Brodie)
Do I Need a Trust? (Gregory C. Dyekman)
Estate Planning (Matthew H. Romsa)
Nuts and Bolts of Probate (Douglas R. McLaughlin)

Family Law

Family Law (Deborah Ford Mincer)
Basics of Divorce (Richard J. Mulligan)
Custody Issues (Lea J. Kuvinka)
Domestic Violence (Dona Playton)
Protection Orders (Eric E. Jones)

Health Care

Health Care Decisions (Douglas R. McLaughlin)
Medical Record Confidentiality Laws – HIPAA (Diana S. Rhodes)

Home Ownership

Sale of Home (Timothy M. Stubson)
Refinancing Your Home (Peter C. Nicolaysen)
Identity Theft (Dale W.  Cottam)
Immigration (Elisabeth M.W. Trefonas)
Jury Duty (Gen Tuma)
Landlord/Tenant Disputes (Erika M. Nash)
Personal Injury (Robert W. Tiedeken)
Records Expungement (Donald L. Fuller)
Rural Road Disputes (M. Greg Weisz)
Sexual Harassment (S. Craig Silva)
Social Networking (Alaina M. Stedillie)
Jury Duty (Gen Tuma)


Traffic Accidents (Hampton K. O’Neill)
Traffic Violations (Melissa M. Owens)
DUI (Ian K. Sandefer)
Water (Harriet M. Hageman)
Workers’ Compensation (Keith R. Nachbar)