Burnout Questionnaire

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have you become cynical or critical at work?
  2. Do you drag yourself to work and have trouble getting started once you arrive?
  3. Have you become irritable or impatient with co-workers, customers or clients?
  4. Do you lack the energy to be consistently productive?
  5. Do you lack satisfaction from your achievements?
  6. Do you feel disillusioned about your job?
  7. Are you using food, drugs or alcohol to feel better or to simply not feel?
  8. Have your sleep habits or appetite changed?
  9. Are you troubled by unexplained headaches, backaches or other physical complaints?

If you answered yes to these questions, contact the Wyoming Professional Assistance Program (WPAP) at (307) 472 -1222 or the Wyoming Lawyer Assistance Program (WyLAP) at (307) 996-6834.

This information is provided by the Wyoming Professional Assistance Program.