Volunteer to Serve

The Wyoming State Bar could not operate effectively without hundreds of lawyers, judges and lay members who generously volunteer their time to serve on numerous Boards and Committees. The Bar is always recruiting volunteers to serve on the Boards and Committees listed below. If you are interested in serving, please complete this form and submit it to the Wyoming State Bar. A description of what each Board or Committee is tasked with is provided on the form.

Expression of Interest Form

Fee Arbitrators
Fee arbitrators serve as hearing officers in proceedings brought pursuant to the Wyoming Fee Arbitration Rules.  Disputes involving less than $10,000 are heard and decided by a single arbitrator. Disputes involving $10,000 or more are decided by a 3-arbitrator panel, one of whom shall be a non-lawyer. Arbitrators are appointed by the Wyoming Supreme Court for three-year terms.

Interested in volunteering as an arbitrator? Please complete the Expression of Interest and return to the Wyoming State Bar.

Questions? Contact Marie Ellis at (307) 432-2103.