Solo Practice University

The common preconception among law students and new lawyers is that starting a solo practice is unwise, if not downright impossible. Conventional wisdom says you should work for someone else for a few years to learn the ropes. Conventional wisdom has not met today’s economy.

Solo Practice University® was created to both replace the apprentice experience if you haven’t had one and to complement the apprentice experience if you do – without sucking up years of your life. It’s a single online destination where lawyers and law students learn the basics of running a solo practice, take classes and get expert feedback from lawyers and business professionals in specialized fields.

These Solo Practice University® students take charge of their professional futures. No waiting necessary.

Solo Practice University® combines all the benefits of an educational community, legal blog, a professional network, and a legal conference. You’ll find teachers who are well-known and highly regarded in their fields teaching through video, podcast, live lectures, and other media to bring the experience of the classroom home to your computer.

Solo Practice University® takes over where law school leaves students. We offer courses in particulars of law on which you need clarification or expansion, and we also offer courses in marketing, technology, branding, copywriting, blogging, work/life balance issues and more.

The  Wyoming State Bar is proud to offer Solo Practice University as a member benefit.

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