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CosmoLex combines practice management, billing, payments, AND accounting (No QuickBooks™ required) all in one login, so you work from anywhere, 24/7. CosmoLex practice management organizes your meetings and tasks. CosmoLex billing captures time & expenses as they occur. Your bills go out on time with links for payment, and cash flow improves. The accounting menu handles the intricacies of both business & IOLTA trust accounting — right out-of-the-box compliant with the Bar’s requirements.  A Client Portal lets you exchange messages and documents with clients — within the secure CosmoLex firewall.  With built-in CosmoLexPay it’s easy to accept credit card payments. Small law firms across the country use CosmoLex to make their practice compliant, efficient and profitable. Try CosmoLex Law Practice Management Software free for 10 days  and see how it streamlines your practice.