A+ Conferencing

A+ Conferencing Services:

  • Operator-Assisted Conferencing (including Depositions and Continuing Education)
  • Automated Conferencing
  • Event Conferencing
  • A+ Web conferencing (Web-Based Presentation, Document, and Application Collaboration)
  • A+ Webcasting (Web-Based Conference Streaming)
  • A+ Desktop Video Conferencing

As a client of A+, you will realize the following benefits:

  • Professionalism: High-touch operators ensure your conference is handled with care
  • Flexibility: A+ offers you the choice of one or all of the conferencing services you need from ONE company
  • Speed: Conduct a conference, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as quickly as you can dial a phone
  • Customer Satisfaction: At A+ Conferencing, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and will go above and beyond to keep you satisfied.
  • Quality: Professional sound quality and operator response
  • Reliability: A+’s strong technology backbone. We use multiple carrier and have a dedicated backup power generator.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: No set-up fees or monthly charges, pay only for what you use
  • Confidentiality: All employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement upon being hired.

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Automated Reservationless Toll or Toll Free Conferencing:
With A+ Reservationless Conferencing you can hold your conferences 24/7 and will never have to reserve another conference call again.   You will never pay a set-up fee, and there are no cancellation fees.

Participants dial a toll or toll free number, enter a passcode followed by a # sign when prompted by the automated attendant, and they are automatically placed into their conference without the assistance of an operator.

Several law firms order a reservationless account for each attorney or department that may be used anytime, 24/7.  A feature law firms prefer is bill code prompt.  This feature requires the moderator (host) of the call to enter “the billing code or project code for this conference” upon entering their passcode.  This allows the host to enter a case or client matter number so that when your invoice is generated, it will appear and you know which client to bill for the conference.

A+ also offers one time automated conference calls where your passcodes expire after each use, if this is preferred.

Operator Assisted Toll or Toll Free Conferencing:
Participants dial into a toll free number and an operator answers their call.  The operator collects specific information from the caller and enters them into the conference call.  The operator can perform a roll call, if requested.

Operator Assisted Dial Out:
Our operators will dial out to participants at the scheduled time of the conference call.  Operator can dial out to participants in any preferred order, and perform a roll call if requested.

With A+ Operator Assisted Conferencing, you get a professional, customer service oriented operator that will greet your clients and/or participants with a smile.  If requested, A+ Conferencing will bill your participants individually for the amount of minutes they were in the conference.  No other conference calling company does individual billing for audio conferences.

***You can combine different types of calls too!  For example, if you are doing an automated call with several people dialing in and there is someone you need an operator to dial, such as a judge, simply contact the reservations department and provide the date/time, passcodes that will be used by others, the person’s name and phone number for us dial.  We will have an operator meet the parties in conference and confirm when the dial out party should be called.

Web/Video Conferencing:
Our Start-Video product is a collaboration tool that provides an easy to use web and/or video conferencing solution.  All you need is your PC and a webcam to connect face to face with your audience.

Webcasting allows you to stream your conference call over a Web site and participants can listen to the call via their PC and the Internet.  In addition, you can upload your slides to us and we can put your slides on a Web page, allowing conference call participants to listen to the call over the telephone connection and view the slides over the Internet as they are being discussed.  We use push technology to advance the slides at the appropriate times in the presentations.  You can also share documents with colleagues using web conferencing.


Billing Code Prompt – System will request the host of the conference to enter a billing code, which will appear on their invoice.  This may be a cost center number or client matter number, etc.

Post Conference Reports – For automated conferences, once the call has concluded, a report containing a list of participants’ caller ID’s, start and end time will be sent to the email address provided at time of set up.  If the call was recorded, a link to listen to the recording will be included in the report at no additional charge.

Event Viewer – This feature allows the host of the conference to login and see the caller ID’s of who is currently on the conference.  Through the event viewer, the host has the capability to mute/unmute lines, disconnect lines, lock the conference, start a recording, turn off entry/exit tones, etc. (most of these features are available by using * commands on your phone keypad if preferred).

Name Record/Playback – This feature allows each participant to record their name before entering the conference so that a roster of participants that are currently in conference may be played back, if needed.  This feature may also be used for entry and exit announcements for when someone joins or leaves the conference, in addition to tones.  (Note:  It can be somewhat disruptive if a meeting has started and you have late arrivals to the conference.)

ASAP Calls – Did you forget to schedule a conference or is one needed right away?  Give us a call and we will have you up and running in minutes.

Listen-Only – Allows a presenter to speak uninterrupted by ensuring one-way communication.

Host Security – The moderator can open and close access to a teleconference using a touch-tone code.  While closed, late participants will not be able to join.

Music on Hold – Music will be played while your conferees are waiting for the conference to begin.

Confirmations of all Reservations – All reservations are confirmed via e-mail, unless you specify otherwise.

Participant List – A complete list of conference participants can be emailed to you after your conference ends.  This is only available on operator assisted calls for an additional cost.

Conference Recording – Record your conference and have it delivered on a CD or you may retrieve your recording from our ftp site for an additional cost.  Recordings are available in .wav or .mp3 format.

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Questions? Contact Sharon Wilkinson at (307) 632-9061.