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The EB-5 Immigration Program: Realities, Myths and Upcoming Reforms (Live Webinar)

Thousands of foreign nationals seek to become permanent residents of the USA through the EB-5 immigration investment program. Likewise, developers of real estate and industrial projects active seek funding through the EB-5 program. While the program has undergone scrutiny in the press and Congress, it continues to be a source of job-creation and citizenship benefits.

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Running on Empty: Occupational Health Hazards for Attorneys (Live Webinar)

Practicing law is much more than dispensing legal advice. Day to day, attorneys must communicate effectively with various stakeholders including their clients, colleagues, opposing counsel and judges. To be successful, attorneys must hone other important skills such as time management, analyzing, strategizing, researching and writing.

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Wyoming Casemaker – A Complete Guide (Live Webinar)

This FREE webinar provides an introduction to the Casemaker system as well as key features. During the session we will cover the basics of searching and browsing through the system, go over advanced search techniques, highlight personalization, and showcase the additional features that are now included through your bar membership.

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Optimizing Brain Performance for Attorneys

Law is one of the most high-stress and intellectually challenging professions. As such, it is critical for attorneys to protect, maintain, and optimize their brain health. Bad brain habits interfere with the ability to provide professional and competent representation.

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Streamlining Your Law Practice in 2018 with CosmoLex

Thousands of recent regulatory changes, as well as tax reform and new policies, will bring a lot more work to your desk next year. Don’t get overwhelmed. Get your practice running at peak efficiency with an easy-to-use, fully integrated, cloud-based solution CosmoLex.

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