2FA 2day: This is the Simplest Security Upgrade You Can Make to Your Law Firm

The news surrounding data breaches is always big, national or international in scale, involving lots and lots of money and big names and big companies.  Of course, smaller data breaches happen everyday to unknown and unnamed victims.  Some of those victims are law firms.

But, you don’t have to make big changes to improve the state of your law firm’s data security protocols.  In fact, there’s one change you can make today that will markedly improve your system security.

That’s adding two-factor authentication to your accounts and/or for accounts that you administer.  Essentially, two-factor authentication requires an additional data input beyond a password.  A common method is to require that an additional passcode be entered, which can be sent via SMS or email.  When a new login to the system is made, or when a login comes from an unusual location or an unknown IP address, the passcode is sent.  Obviously, that helps to put a kibosh on some bad actor trying to log in to your system from another country, for example.

The way you setup a second factor of authentication is different for different hardware and software, but it’s usually found in the settings, and is a simple process.

There are also additional factors of authentication that could be used, and some system require not just a second, but multiple factors of authentication, and include biometric indicators, like fingerprint or facial recognition.

But, maybe start with just the one thing beyond the password .

. . .

If you need some help wrangling your data security program, we can assist.

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