42 Recommended to Practice Law in Wyoming

CHEYENNE – The Wyoming State Bar today announced that 42 people have been recommended for admission to practice law in Wyoming.

The Wyoming State Bar and the Wyoming Supreme Court would like to congratulate these future members of the Wyoming State Bar.

 PLEASE NOTE: The list below reflects those applicants who have satisfied ALL requirements for admission. The Wyoming Supreme Court and the Wyoming State Bar cannot release results until ALL requirements are met (i.e. MPRE scores received, Character & Fitness checks are complete).

The following people are being recommended for admission after receiving a passing score on the Uniform Bar Exam and meeting all other requirements for admission.

  • Farida Ali – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • James John Allred – Ogden, Utah
  • Michael Robert Armstrong – Douglas, Wyoming
  • Kelli Elizabeth Blomberg – Douglas, Wyoming
  • Raymond Gideon Boyer – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Karen Key Brent – Edgerton, Wyoming
  • Mary Katherine Brown – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Melissa Kay Burke – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Darren Earl Cook – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Jasmine Marie Fathalla – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Christopher Steve Fisher – Cody, Wyoming
  • Mark Edmond Fyke – Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  • Amanda Danielle Gamblin – Afton, Wyoming
  • John Walsh Graham – Wilson, Wyoming
  • Cody Michael Jerabek – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Travis Steven Jordan – Gillette, Wyoming
  • Jonathan Michael Lebsack – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Katherine Sabina Leuschel – Austin, Texas
  • Joshua Dale Lynch – Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Francis Harris McVay – Casper, Wyoming
  • James Bradley Peters – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Jessica Lee Rucker – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Margaret Anne Ranck Schwartz – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Alia Thal Scott – Wilson, Wyoming
  • Macrina Margaret Sharpe – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Logan Sharpe – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Kayla Marie Spencer – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Derek Allen Thrall – Gillette, Wyoming
  • Zachary Aaron Trevino – Lexington, Kentucky
  • Matthew Aaron Walker – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Katharine Kunz Wilkinson – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Samuel Lee Williams – Casper, Wyoming
  • Rebecca Jane Wright – Jackson, Wyoming


The following people are being recommended for admission after successfully transferring a passing score from another UBE jurisdiction and meeting all other requirements for admission. Scores are only transferrable between those states that have adopted the Uniform Bar Exam.

  • Besse Halbrooks McDonald – Lafayette, Colorado
  • William McIntosh Morris – Bozeman, Montana
  • Michael Martin Perez – Los Gatos, California
  • Leon Hawk Travis – Littleton, Colorado


The following people are being recommended for admission on motion. This applies when attorneys are licensed in another jurisdiction and meet all requirements without examination in Wyoming.

  • Bobbi Bierhals Barclay – Chicago, Illinois
  • Steven William Boyce – Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Jeffrey D. Brunson – Rexburg, Idaho
  • Tara Leigh Muir – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Kristy Marie Rans – Granger, Indiana

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