55 Recommended to Practice Law in Wyoming

CHEYENNE – The Wyoming State Bar today announced that 55 people have been recommended for admission to practice law in Wyoming.

PLEASE NOTE: The list below reflects those applicants who have satisfied ALL requirements for admission. The Wyoming Supreme Court and the Wyoming State Bar cannot release results until ALL requirements are met (i.e. MPRE scores received, Character & Fitness checks are complete).

The Wyoming State Bar and the Wyoming Supreme Court would like to congratulate these future members of the Wyoming State Bar.

The following people are being recommended for admission after receiving a passing score on the Uniform Bar Exam and meeting all other requirements for admission.

  • Katharine Whitney Allen – Casper, Wyoming
  • Andrew David Bailey – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Elizabeth Kathryn Barlow – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Erin Elizabeth Berry – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Whitney Dee Boyd – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Austin Wade Burback – Douglas, Wyoming
  • Tamara Kim Candelaria – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Joshua Wesley Case – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Hunter Cole Christensen – Alta, Wyoming
  • Dylan Delbert Crouse – Basin, Wyoming
  • Joel Harlen Defebaugh – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Seth Joel Dinkel – Soldotna, Alaska
  • Rebekha Karen Dostal – Atkinson, Nebraska
  • Jacob James Dunn – Cody, Wyoming
  • Dani Raye Esquivel – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Becky Gray Farley – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Claire Fuller – Wilson, Wyoming
  • Sergey Grigorievich Garanyants – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Noah Sahr Grovenstein – Powell, Wyoming
  • Cole Lawrence Gustafson – Banner, Wyoming
  • Shelby Noel Hughes – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Steven Mark Iberlin – Casper, Wyoming
  • David Andrew Kinskey – Sheridan, Wyoming
  • Alexander DeWitt Lever – Rock Springs, Wyoming
  • Susan Manown – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Kristina Faith Mireles – Newcastle, Wyoming
  • Zachary Hamilton Mahlum – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Shayla Kae Peel – Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Ty James Peterson – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Andrew Boehme Pipes – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Kirk Robert Powers – Casper, Wyoming
  • Max William Rerucha – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Haley DawnDeena Roe – Denver, Colorado
  • Megan Seong Hee Romano – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Benjamin Robert Rose – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Saige Nicole Smith – Powell, Wyoming
  • Colby Kenneth Sturgeon – Torrington, Wyoming
  • Casey Tobert Terrell – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Sarah Elizabeth Tomlinson – St. Louis, Missouri
  • Gary Allen Ure – Kamas, Utah
  • Alexandra Disque Webber – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Alexander Jennish Wolfe – Casper, Wyoming
  • Catherine Maegan Young – Cheyenne, Wyoming

The following people are being recommended for admission on motion. This applies when attorneys are licensed in another jurisdiction and meet all requirements without examination in Wyoming.

  • Barbara Ann Bagdon – Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Haylee Marie Cripe – Dickinson, North Dakota
  • Hillary Brooke McKinney – Rock Springs, Wyoming
  • Kathleen Joanna Woody – Silver Spring, Maryland

The following people are being recommended for admission after successfully transferring a passing score from another UBE jurisdiction and meeting all other requirements for admission. Scores are only transferrable between those states that have adopted the Uniform Bar Exam.

  • Karl William Hager – St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Erin Elise Harris – Livingston, Montana
  • Christen Elizabeth Keller – Denver, Colorado
  • Christopher Joe McGowne – Denver, Colorado
  • Katherine Elizabeth Merck – Spokane, Washington
  • Erie Larson Phillips – Bozeman, Montana
  • Michael Joseph Ropella – Apple Valley, Minnesota
  • Jeyla Rufatgizi Zeynalova – Centennial, Colorado

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