CHEYENNE – The Wyoming State Bar today released the results of this year’s Judicial Performance Assessment.

The Bar, in conjunction with the University of Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center, conducts this assessment not only to obtain attorneys’ feedback about judges’ performance, but also to learn whether or not attorneys think those judges standing for retention should remain in office. The results of the assessment are then shared with the public.

All active members of the Wyoming State Bar were invited to participate in the assessment. This year 22% of those members participated. In order to evaluate and comment on a judge’s performance, an attorney affirms to the pollsters that he/she has indeed appeared before that particular judge during the previous two years. In the case of Supreme Court Justices, evaluations are also allowed based on reading written opinions from those justices.

Wyoming’s five Supreme Court justices must stand for retention every eight years. District Court judges in Wyoming stand for retention every six years, and Circuit Court judges face a retention vote every four years. This means that voters go to the polls during each General Election and decide whether or not those justices and judges standing for retention should remain in office.

The poll only includes the question regarding a judge’s retention if that judge stands for retention that particular year. No Supreme Court justices are up for retention this year.

The results of the Judicial Performance Assessment and extensive “Frequently Asked Questions” about the judicial branch can be found online at

Any questions regarding the assessment should be directed to Sharon Wilkinson, Executive Director of the Wyoming State Bar, at (307) 432-2102.

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