Awards Season: Lawyer Superlatives Are Great and All, But You Need More Than That to Convince Clients

Lawyers are great at bragging on themselves via their websites.  And, a significant number of attorneys supplement that with ‘superlatives’.  You know, those lawyer awards, like ‘Super Lawyers’, that you can apply for and/or purchase.  Those specific awards, and the general superlatives of your own resume, go a long way to convince leads to become your clients — but, those don’t get you the whole way there.

You see, while legal consumers do want to know that you’re a ‘good’ lawyer, generally speaking — they also want to know that you can help them with their specific cases.  Legal consumers know they have a legal problem, but don’t understand the legal process.  Those consumers who want to hire a lawyer — they really, really want to hire a lawyer.  They need a guide; they need to understand that you, the lawyer, understand (and can walk them through) a legal process they just don’t get.

If you’re a ‘Super Lawyer’, a legal consumer understands that that’s probably better than hiring an average lawyer; but, that doesn’t tell the legal consumer anything at all about whether you can handle their case.  To that end, you’ll also need to generate some information about your practice niche: what you focus on, the results you’ve gotten, how the legal process plays out in that practice area.  All that will be valuable for your potential client, as they review your information via the web.

Laying out your specialty, in addition to your more common bona fides, will generate more leads and more conversions.

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