Buried Treasure: What Software Features Are You Missing?

What’s been great lately is that lawyers are increasing their reliance on technology.  That means that law firms are adding efficiency, and revenue. This is fantastic, absolutely.  But, there’s still more work to do.

That’s because lawyers may be overpaying for technology, and it’s largely because they’re buying new stuff without looking harder at what they already have. In fact, there are lots of instances where attorneys will purchase a new product without assessing whether they have that tool already included as a feature in another technology platform.  This often happens with productivity software and law practice management software.  The former can include tools like video conferencing and internal chat as product features (meaning you don’t have to pay any more money to use them); and, the latter can include tools like esignature and epayment as product features.  In some cases, and depending on a user’s subscription level, there may limitations on volume with respect to usage of those tools – but, those limitations may fit your use case.  You won’t know until you take a look.  So, the trick here is pretty simple: Before you buy a new software, check to see if you already have access to that tool.

Now, this does not mean that you can’t intentionally choose to adopt a different product and pay more for it (for example, maybe you don’t like Microsoft Teams and would happily pay more to use Zoom) – but, it pays to make that an intentional decision.

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