The Wyoming State Bar is currently accepting nominations for the Bar’s delegate to the American Bar Association (ABA). The term is two years and will begin this August at the conclusion of the American Bar Association’s Annual Meeting.

Article V of the Bylaws of the Wyoming State Bar state:

Any active member who is a resident of Wyoming, maintains an office for the practice of law in this state and is a member of the American Bar Association may serve as delegate to the House of Delegates of the American Bar Association. The term of office of such delegate shall be two (2) years, and shall begin and end at the adjournment of the ABA annual meeting in August.  Nominations shall be taken and elections shall be conducted as provided in Article VII.

The ABA Delegate represents Wyoming attorneys in the House of Delegates and is expected to attend the ABA Mid-Year Meeting (February) as well as the ABA Annual Meeting (August). This person also reports to the Wyoming State Bar members at the Bar’s Annual Business Meeting held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting & Judicial Conference.

Nominations must be signed by at least two active, resident members and submitted to me by July 1, 2016, at 5:00 p.m. There is no specific nomination form. A letter signed by two members will suffice; two separate letters will also work. Candidates’ names will appear on the election ballot during the August election of Bar leadership.

Questions? Contact Sharon Wilkinson at (307) 432-2102.


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