Defensive Lineman: The Solo Smartphone Solution

If you’re a solo lawyer, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a phone system.  But, you don’t want your clients to have your personal phone number, either.  What if they start texting you?

So, what’s a thrifty solo lawyer to do?

Enter Google Voice, which is the answer to your prayers . . . if the answer to your prayers is finding a better way to answer your phone when your clients call.  Google Voice allows you to ‘mask’ your personal phone number, while still receiving calls at your personal phone.  It’s free; and, it takes less than a minute to set up.  All you have to do is create or sign into an existing Google account, select a phone number, and you’re good to go.  Then, publish your new Google number, and get calls at your smartphone, without ever revealing your personal phone number.

If you’re a solo attorney, Google Voice is a tremendous alternative to taking calls via your personal phone; but, it also offers a number of significant, additional advantages.  (1) You have access to visual voicemail through your Google Voice account.  (2) If you’re not near your phone, you can take calls via Google Hangouts — which is Google’s free video conferencing software.  (3) You can receive and respond to texts via your affiliated Gmail account, which also serves as an archive for client texting records — something lawyers have traditionally had a really difficult time managing.

One word of warning: if you call out from your phone, and want your Google Voice number to appear on the recipient’s phone, you need to place that call through Google Hangouts or the Google Voice app — otherwise your personal phone number will appear.  So, don’t spend all that time and energy protecting your privacy, and then blow it in one fell swoop.

If that voice in the wilderness calling out to you is Google’s, answer.

. . .

Of course, you don’t have to Google to find a business management consultant to help you with this.  We can!

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