Feature Presentation: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Software?

Most of the software that business owners buy has a lot more features than those same business owners use.  This is true for attorneys, as well.  And, most lawyers are not particularly curious about the software tools that undergird their businesses.  This is not necessarily a fault of ambition; it’s mostly that attorneys are really busy, and that learning anything beyond the basic features of any software program seems like something that is going to interrupt the workflow on substantive cases, which means a downturn in revenue.  And, if nothing else, lawyers are always hyper-focused on revenue.

But, it’s also true that law firms that are the most efficient, make the most money.  So, if you’re ignoring valuable software features, you’re probably less efficient.  Therefore, making the effort to better understand the technology tools you use in your practice has a pretty significant effect on the bottom line of your business.

Let’s take two basic examples:

You use email and a calendar, sure.  But, that technology is referred to as ‘productivity software’ for a reason.  Take Microsoft 365, for example, which has all the software features you know of (email, calendar, document drafting, presentation software), but also lots of stuff you’re probably not aware of, like video conferencing, task management, internal communications tools, and more.  Utilizing these features from a single interface not only means that you’re more efficient, it also means that you’re paying less because you don’t need to buy alternative products to substitute for what you’re already paying for.  Case management softwares, too, are getting more robust, by adding things like esignature, epayments, video conferencing, and the like.

Those are two places to start; but, if you can get the most out of each and every software you use, you’ll be running at peak efficiency, and making more money than you thought possible.

So, the key is to know what you have, to avoid buying what you don’t need.

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