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2017 Annual Meeting & Judicial Conference

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September 12 - 15, 2017

Little America Hotel & Resort
2800 W Lincolnway
Cheyenne, WY 82009

John A. Masterson

Dear Wyoming State Bar Colleagues:


On behalf of the Officers, Commissioners and staff of the Wyoming State Bar, it is my privilege to invite you to join your colleagues for the Wyoming State Bar’s 2017 Annual Meeting & Judicial Conference, to be held September 12-15, 2017, at Little America Hotel and Resort in Cheyenne.

Sometimes our meetings are themed; sometimes they are more wide-ranging affairs. While this year’s is more of the latter, if there is a focus it would be communication, the core of our profession. All types of communication though-to the courts, the juries, our clients, our markets, our competition and, of course, one another. How and how well we communicate have never been as important as now.

To help us in Cheyenne we’ve assembled an impressive list of presenters to bring us up to date on all things related to the practice of law in Wyoming and more. We’ve also brought back our plenary sessions: Wednesday morning will find us with Tanis Roeder about effective communication and presentations, while our Thursday afternoon sessions address the law’s competition against online legal services and marketing.

And we can’t overlook our fortune at being able to entice Wyoming’s (and NBC’s) own Pete Williams as our keynote speaker on Thursday night, a true master-communicator.

Finally, in a small bar like ours it’s even more important that we come together and remind ourselves of the values we all share. To see our friends from both the Bench and the Bar, our opponents and allies, share our thoughts and ideas, and make new memories. I know you’ll find your time in Cheyenne to be enjoyable, meaningful and of benefit to you in the future. I look forward to seeing you at this year’s 2017 Annual Meeting!

John A. Masterson