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Overcoming Information Overload

July 14, 2017

Overcoming Information Overload
Ramkota Hotel, North Ballroom, 800 North Poplar Street, Casper, Wyoming, 82601.

The daily flood of e-mail, documents, and other files can easily leave your attorneys and support staff—the people you depend on for moving the firm forward— overwhelmed. Added to the stress of managing the vast amount of information they already have, frustration quickly sets in and productivity suffers.

The computer technology brought in to help organize this information hasn’t lived up to its promise— in many cases it has made matters worse.

The hard reality is that people need new skills to manage information in the electronic world. Old systems built around paper must be re-engineered, and new, flexible approaches introduced.

This workshop helps your valuable human assets move past information overload and regain control of their information, so they can work more efficiently and ultimately make better decisions.

Lewis Eisen brings a practice-driven perspective and teaches techniques that take into account:

• 7 fundamental facts about how the brain processes and indexes information

• how we unintentionally overload ourselves

• the growing number of electronic information formats

• the overlap between personal work habits and corporate information structures

• the practical difficulties of going completely paperless.

Stop feeling overwhelmed by information, and start taking control. People leave this workshop knowing:

• the five correct reasons for keeping a piece of information

• how to avoid duplication of paper and electronic records

• how to properly divide 'information spaces' into intake, workspace, and storage

• strategies for organizing their deadline dates, notes, and clippings

• risk-management principles which mesh with information management best-practices