CHEYENNE – The Wyoming State Bar and the Wyoming Supreme Court are pleased to announce that the Honorable Michael K. Davis, Justice of the Wyoming Supreme Court, is this year’s recipient of the Larry L. Lehman Award for Judicial Excellence.  The award was presented at this Judicial Conference in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The award was presented by District Court Judges Catherine Wilking, and Thomas Campbell, on behalf of Wyoming’s 24 District Court judges; and Circuit Court Judge Brian Christensen, on behalf of the 24 Circuit Court judges. They recognized Justice Davis for his important scholarly contribution to Wyoming jurisprudence over his nine years on the Wyoming Supreme Court, and especially for his “rock-steady leadership of the judicial branch through perilous challenges that COVID-19 presented to us,” Wilking said.

The Lehman Award is given in memory of Justice Lehman, who died in 2004, and who is remembered for his tireless efforts to improve the operation of the court system and to provide greater access to justice for all Wyoming citizens.

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