Former Prosecutor Disbarred

The Wyoming Supreme Court issued an order of disbarment of former Laramie attorney Richard C. Bohling. While Bohling was serving as Albany County and Prosecuting Attorney, he was charged with multiple crimes, including Obtaining Property by False Pretenses, a felony, and Official Misconduct, a misdemeanor. Following a jury trial, Bohling was convicted of both crimes, sentenced to prison for the felony convictions, and fined for the felony and misdemeanor convictions. Following Bohling’s sentencing, the Wyoming Supreme Court issued an order of immediate suspension and directed Bar Counsel for the Wyoming State Bar to initiate formal disciplinary proceedings. Bohling elected not to contest the formal disciplinary charge, electing to stipulate to disbarment. In the event Bohling prevails in the pending appeal of his criminal convictions, he will be eligible to petition for reinstatement to the Bar. In addition to being disbarred, Bohling was ordered to pay an administrative fee in the amount of $750.00 and costs of $50.00 to the Wyoming State Bar.

Order of Disbarment

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