Gateway: How Changing Your Email Can Enhance Your Entire Technology Infrastructure

Lawyers are funny in that they sometimes treat cloud technology vendors like visitors from another planet, featuring a mixture of awe and fear.  (‘To Serve Man’ – it’s a cookbook!)  This stems from an unfamiliarity with cloud tools; but, lawyers aren’t dumb — they’re just occupied business managers whose primary focus is the substantive tasks they need to do.  Next comes marketing.  Then comes technology.

If you want the TL;DR version of the cloud, here it is: When you use cloud technology, you’re renting space on someone else’s servers (your vendor’s) instead of buying your own.  It’s as simple as that.  And, the reason people love cloud technology is because you access it via the internet.  That means such systems are device agnostic; and, that means you can work from anywhere (Maui?) you can find a secure internet connection.

Now then, you may be saying to yourself: ‘That’s great; but, I’m still not sure I’m comfortable using the cloud’.  Or, maybe you’re saying: ‘Well, I’m sold; buuuuut . . . [PERSON] in my firm would never be down with that’.  Well, here’s your gateway drug to all things cloud: Office 365.  Office 365 is the internet version of Microsoft Office desktop.  They’re very similar; and, even traditional lawyers will feel at home in the warmth of Office online.  Not only that: if they don’t, each individual subscription for Office 365 comes with up to 5 Office desktop downloads for the traditionalists in your midst.  Set it up so everything saves back to the cloud, and your stalwarts can work, essentially, as they always have.

Welcome to the new software experience, same as the old software experience.

. . .

Is it time to update your Office? — we can help.

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