Hero’s Journey: Law Firm Intake, Part 2 – Advance

In the last piece in this short series we discussed how important it is for law firms to be focused on engaging potential clients.  That’s how you bait the hook, but there’s still the matter of reeling in those leads – and, to accomplish that, you’ll need a way for clients, following an initial engagement, to take a next step in order to advance the process.  And, that’s where many law firms fall down because they haven’t set up any kind of system and don’t know what the next step is themselves, or because they don’t have a simple and convenient option for clients to move the ball forward.

The first thing to figure out is just what you want your potential clients to do after they’ve been engaged.  The logical next step for most law firms is to schedule an initial consultation call.  That’s largely because attorneys tend to clean up in those conversations, converting leads at a high rate.  So, how do you get to that stage as quickly as possible so your potential clients don’t meet with someone else?

An automated calendaring tool is a good start, and probably the best option for allowing a potential client to book into your calendar with the most ease of use.  Some chat products, law practice management software and customer relationship management software come with or can be integrated with an automated calendaring tool, meaning that law firms can use such tools as standalone programs, or sync them with (potentially automated) workflows in other softwares.

So once you’ve effectively engaged a lead, the next step is to get them to the next step, by throwing the book(ing software) at them.

. . .

If you need to implement calendaring tools and automated workflows, we can help!

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To request a consult, visit the Wyoming State Bar’s law practice management page, and start running your law firm like a business.

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