Narcissism in the Law

Your opposing counsel, your own client, expert witness, opposing party, and even your law partner might be charming, believable, able to cover tracks, a great storyteller, always three steps ahead of you, a Shakespearean actor, an astounding enemy, and determined to destroy you.

Join Lisa Marcy and Tina Weber at this year’s Women’s Legal Forum for Narcissism in the Law! The Forum takes place April 16 – 17th in Cody, Wyoming.

Learn how to effectively:

  • identify the narcissist – who may be closer than you think
  • defend your client (and yourself) from their destructive behavior
  • maintain zealous advocacy for a narcissistic client
  • counteract the behavior of opposing counsel or witness at deposition or trial – and turn it to your advantage
  • recognize and work successfully with narcissistic co-counsel

Click here to download the full registration materials.


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