Net Loss: Law Firms Have Really Poor Net Promoter Scores

Did you know that law firms have a really poor net promoter score? Wait, wait.  Let’s backtrack for a second.  Do you know what a ‘net promoter score’ is?  Essentially, it’s a KPI (key performance indicator), that attempts to determine how likely your clients are to recommend you.  The higher your net promotor score, the more likely your clients are to recommend you.  The lower your net promoter score, the less likely your clients are to recommend you.

Unfortunately for law firms, their average net promoter score is 25.  That’s on par with wireless carriers.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that, the way you feel about Verizon, is how your clients feel about you.  In other words, your clients don’t like you.

But, just because an average exists, doesn’t mean your law firm hits it.

So, take the time to figure out your net promoter score, and see where you land on the spectrum of customer loyalty.

. . .

Is your net promoter score a net less?  We can help.

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