New Bylaws of the Wyoming State Bar Effective September 15th

On July 14, 2014, the Wyoming Supreme Court approved revisions to the Bylaws of the Wyoming State Bar. The new Bylaws, which were proposed by the Board of Officers and Commissioners, are effective September 15, 2014.

In addition to shortening and harmonizing the characteristics of various categories of membership (active, new active, retired, etc.), the amended bylaws provide more flexibility for the assessment of license fees when a new member is admitted in the middle of the Bar’s October 1-September 30 budget year. Under the former bylaws, lawyers admitted before April 1 paid the full year’s license fees, while members admitted after that date paid 50%. The new bylaws provide for prorated license fees based upon the month of admission.

In addition, the new bylaws greatly simplify the rules for emeritus attorneys and more clearly define the duties of Bar commissioners.

Click here to see the Order Amending the Bylaws as well as the changes to the Bylaws.

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