Preach What You Practice: Practice Area Pages are Essential to Law Firm Website Design

Lawyers like to practice law; they don’t like to create content.  Unfortunately, that’s a big deal when it comes to marketing.  Because it’s harder for content to resonate with potential clients when lawyers aren’t building it themselves, using their expertise.  Lawyers who focus on content, however, can crush their competition, in part by reducing marketing overhead significantly.

One place lawyers don’t put enough emphasis, in terms of content development, is in the design of website practice area pages.  Many lawyers draft super generic content.  But, realize that potential clients are coming to you because they want your expertise, and because they want to learn more about the legal process.  You can cement that early impression of you-as-the-expert by improving the practice area pages that your potential clients will gravitate to when they visit your website.  In order to increase your chances of converting clients, you should focus on making those practice area pages sing.

How do you do that?

  • Create narrative descriptions.  Focus on telling the story of what you do, rather than building out a series of generic platitudes.
  • Offer real information about how cases progress in your field, including timelines.  You’re not promising results, just offering potential clients an idea about what to expect.
  • Answer some common questions that your leads will have.  You know the questions you get most regularly from new clients.  Add answers on your practice area pages.
  • Consider search terms, keywords and keyphrases that potential clients will use to search for your practice online, to make your practice area pages more SEO-friendly.
  • Add compelling imagery to your pages to increase engagement with your content.

. . .

Need help building your expertise online?  We can assist!

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