Letter of Good Standing



  • Letter of Good Standing ($10)

A letter of good standing comes from the Bar and includes an attorney’s date of admission, admission type (i.e. exam, motion or UBE score transfer) and the attorney’s current standing (i.e. active, inactive, etc.). Letters of good standing do not include anything about an attorney’s disciplinary history. This is different than a Certificate of Good Standing (see below).

  • Disciplinary History Report ($10)

Disciplinary history provided will include private reprimands issued within the past five years, public censures, suspensions, including orders of immediate suspension, and disbarments. Wyo.R.Disc.Proc. Rules 9 and 17. Disciplinary history does not include complaints, diversion agreements, private reprimands issued more the five years ago, or administrative suspensions based upon the failure to pay license fees or comply with the Rules of the Wyoming Supreme Court for Continuing Legal Education. Wyo.R.Disc.Proc. Rules 3(b)(e) and (f), 9, and 11. Complaints which are currently under investigation but not yet resolved will not be included in the disciplinary history. However, information related to an unresolved complaint in which a Formal Charge has been filed is available to the public. Wyo.R.Disc.Proc. Rule 3(a). CLICK HERE to order a disciplinary history report.

  • Certificate of Good Standing

A Certificate of Good Standing comes from the Wyoming Supreme Court and is an actual certificate with the Court’s seal. To order a Certificate of Good Standing, CLICK HERE (look for the grey column on the right-hand side). There is a charge of $10.