Second Amendment Trap Shoot & Annie Oakley Tournament



Wednesday, September 19th at 7:00 a.m.
Laramie Trap Club
525 WY-230

Join your colleagues for the Bar’s second trap shoot and tournament! Each participant will enjoy two rounds of trap (25 clays per round) followed by an Annie Oakley Tournament. Tournament rules are as follows: Starting with the shooter on the far left end of the line, the shooting begins. The first shooter calls for a target and must shoot the target on the rise. If he/she hits the target, the next shooter to his/her right will call for a target. If the first shooter misses his/her target, the second shooter must shoot at it. If he/she hits the target, the first shooter is out. If the second shooter misses the target, the third shooter has the option of shooting at it. If he/she hits the target, the first and second shooters are out. If he/she misses it, all shooters are safe and the second shooter will start the next round. This sequence is repeated down the line. When the next-to-last shooter is first, it makes the person on the far left the third shooter. The rotation will continue until there is only one shooter left. A shooter who shoots out of turn or shoots at a target that has been hit will be out. Enjoy!