Reach: Consumer-Friendly Language Wins the Day in Law Firm Marketing

When it comes to marketing content, most lawyers are concerned about what to write. But in reality, the more important question is how to write.

The plain fact is that lawyers tend to write like lawyers, regardless of the audience.  That means they use 2-dollar words, legal terms of art and lots of Latin.  Now, that works when the audience is other attorneys who eat that stuff up.  But when trying to craft content for legal consumers, attorneys should take a different approach.

Your potential clients have no idea what a tort is, won’t appreciate a turn of phrase originating with Cicero and prefer fewer syllables.  All that being said, legal consumers are very interested in the legal process.  Take those two things together, and understand that if you can build consumer-friendly content, while focusing on answering the questions clients have about what you do, that that will be tremendously helpful in expanding your inquiries.  And, if you can think about what you do, in terms of how you help clients, that’s a bullseye.

So, if you’re pushing the content angle for marketing (as you should be, because it’s super cost-effective), and creating content yourself (as you should be, because it comes off as more authentic that way), but you’re still not getting the traction you need: ask a non-lawyer friend whether they understand what you’re trying to get across.

. . .If your content needs work, we can help!

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