Researching Legal Research: There’s a Handy Dandy Tool You Might Not Know About

Legal research options abound, more so than ever before.  This is in line with the general proliferation of law firm technology, buoyed by the rapid advancement of cloud technology for use in business.  But, with legal research, the challenge of finding the right products at the right rate structure is particularly important, because legal research is still a high-number budget line item for law firms.

Legal research is the life-blood of substantive work for so many attorneys that the systems they use for research just have to work.  But, no law firm has an unlimited budget.  And, if you try to research legal research tools on Google, or a lesser search engine, the results are often overwhelming, and only bring more confusion into the equation.  Ah, the irony drips.

To cut through the noise, check out the ‘Legal Information Buyer’s Guide & Reference Manual’, which is updated annually, to get am organized, unbiased collection of legal research tool features and costs.  The Guide is available for purchase online, and is also accessible at law libraries.

So, if you’re just getting started in looking at legal research tools for the first time, or seeking to revise the systems you use now, the Legal Information Buyer’s Guide is a good place to start.

And, remember — even if you wish to supplement it with additional tools, as a Wyoming State Bar member, you have free, unlimited access to Fastcase, as a member benefit:

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If you want to talk legal research, we’re down.

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