Same Old, Same Old: How to Get Referrals from Attorneys in Your Practice Area

Lawyers tend to build a high percentage of their revenue out of referral marketing done with other lawyers.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  But there may be gaps in what you’re doing.

Generally speaking, lawyer-to-lawyer referral marketing is focused on finding someone with a complementary practice area who can refer you cases, and to whom you can refer cases back.  Usually you’re looking for someone with a different practice niche, e.g. – a criminal attorney sending work to an immigration lawyer.

But, even inside of niches, you can make referrals.

Let’s look at some examples: Estate planning attorneys can refer cases if one takes taxable estate work and the other does not.  Personal injury attorneys can refer cases to each other if one doesn’t litigate.  Family law attorneys can refer cases to each other if one is an estate planning attorney and the other is a divorce lawyer.  A more experienced attorney may refer less complicated cases to a junior attorney, even if they’re in the same practice area.

Now, I guess this depends on how deeply you define ‘niche’; but, if you haven’t been looking for referrals from your closest colleagues, maybe you should start.

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