Second Hand News: Three Ways Keeping Your Clients Informed Benefits You

Many lawyers view client communications as bothersome–an interruption from the important work of lawyering.  Of course, that work is being done for clients; so, it’s important that they know what’s going on, right?  But, this isn’t just a one way street.  In fact, lawyers derive lots of benefits from staying in touch with their clients.  So, let’s address three of those . . .

Reduce Malpractice Risk.  Lawyers might presume that they know their own cases better than anyone.  Not true.  Attorneys who, for example, try to manage conflict checks in their head, would be well-served to use software to manage client and related party contacts.  In a similar vein, no one has lived inside of any legal case, especially a fact-based one, better than the client.  That means that it’s important to stay in touch with your clients – because you never know what they might rediscover about a case you thought you had a handle on.  A good rule of thumb is to contact your active clients via phone or email every six weeks, to keep tabs on what’s going on.  You just might learn something about the case you thought you knew so well.

Get Paid More.  One of the most important things a lawyer can do is to tell her clients when she doesn’t charge him.  Far too many lawyers are apt to leave items that have not been charged to the client off of the bill.  But, the opposite tactic is far better.  Add in the work, and then use a giant, honking ‘NO CHARGE’ designation on the invoice for that line item.  Your client will feel like you’re not nickel-and-diming him, and will be far more inclined to pay for bigger ticket items when the time comes, because of your established track record for only charging for what’s absolutely necessary.

Get More Clients.  There is nothing a law firm client hates more than a law firm that won’t get in touch.  This is probably the number one reason why clients hate their lawyers.  I mean, think about it: you just paid someone $5,000 to do something, and then you don’t hear from them for a year.  At that point, you probably prefer your internet service provider to your attorney.  So, stay in regular contact with your clients, keep them happy, and generate more referrals.  Having more people to reach out to on a regularly recurring basis is a good problem to have.

. . .

If you want more happy clients in 2021, we can help.

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