Spread Offense: Diversification is Key to Law Firm Marketing Efforts

When thinking about how to market a law firm effectively, the question of frequency is important, especially as it relates to content marketing: get as much of your stuff out there into the world, as often as you can, and people are bound to pay attention to you.  It’s not quite that simple; but, that is the gist of it.  In addition to having a lot of marketing materials in your holster, though, it’s also important to consider the breadth of your marketing attack.

In 2020, you can’t just market to one or two channels, because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know where your best leads are going to be looking for legal services information.  Maybe your best client is somebody who’s given up on Google search, and now prefers ‘in-app search’, because that’s easier to do on a smartphone?  Or, maybe your best client has given up on Facebook, and switched to LinkedIn, to avoid all the political noise?  Perhaps your best client prefers video to text, yet you insist on blogging regularly . . . The point is, you don’t know, and even analytics services don’t tell the entire story.  So, since some of legal marketing still comes down to making your best guess, it is better to execute breadth, rather than depth.  Publish to as many channels as possible, and use whatever effective insights you can acquire to direct your efforts.  Think of it like fishing: fishermen have a general sense of where the fish are, but when they get there, they still use a big-ass net.

. . .

Let’s talk about the size of your net.

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