Streaming Service: When Professional Development Gets Disguised as Marketing

Most people (me included) will tell you to get on social media because it’s great for marketing your law firm.  Well, it is: that’s still true.  But, there are also ancillary benefits to that.

One of the primary additional benefits of being professionally active on social media services is the wide opportunity to meet other professionals.  You’ll want to get to know other professionals on social media because it’s a great way to drive referrals to your law practice from complementary businesses, including other law firms.  But, meeting and interacting with other professionals on social media is also a great way to advance your professional development.

Traditional law practices are hyperlocal (in their reach, of course, because law firms are fenced in by jurisdictional boundaries), both with respect to in-person referral marketing (their chief business funnel) and with respect to the world in which law firm lawyers meet other law firm professionals.  And, for lawyers who are mostly out marketing for referral business, they won’t find tons of opportunity to meet with colleagues who share their focus, in part because they’re concerned about losing business to those folks.  For most attorneys, it truly is a small world, after all.

Now, imagine professional networking online, via social media.  You could talk with, share advice with, learn from, literally any lawyer in the world who also has a social media account — and, that includes lawyers practicing in your area of expertise, even those with the same niche focus, and with the same experience level.  And, you can actually talk to them — because you’re not afraid of losing business to an attorney thousands of miles away from your home office.  This is a freeing proposition for most attorneys who are meaningfully active on social media, and who engage with other professionals online.  This is also a great way to generate local referrals from around the country.

But, the point is that, by expanding your net on the internet, you’re not only likely to generate more business, you’ll become a better lawyer, too — by seeing and hearing what top-shelf practitioners in every field of law are saying, all over the country, and all over the world.

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If your social media presence is heavy on the media and light on the social, we can help!

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