That Syncing Feeling: Law Firm Technology Management is About Integrating Software

Have ever had trouble finding information in your law firm?  Probably, right?  Because looking for something is like the lawyer default mode.  The vast majority of law firms I consult with have their client information all over the place.  Every time I ask an attorney where she stores her practice documents, I get nine answers, not one.  In the first instance, of course, it pays to have one place to store all of your stuff, because it’s easier to find all of your stuff that way.

But, I do have good news for you: the modern lawyer can have it both ways.  And, that’s because you can store everything you want anywhere you want, so that your database of files and documents is accessible as a whole, across a variety of softwares.  And, you’re probably already doing this to some extent, perhaps without even knowing it.  Do you sync your music files from your home computer to your smartphone?  Do you use a law practice management software that’s synced with your productivity software, so you can archive your email, save documents and add calendar tasks and events across both systems?  It’s not a far step ahead of that to sync data across three or four systems to make sure that the same client documents are available in your productivity software, your case management software, your document automation software and your document management software.

I often tell lawyers that if there’s something you think you could do with technology, it’s probably possible.  It’s just a matter of expending the time, effort and money to get it done.  But, with the advent of cloud software supported by APIs, and products like Zapier, it’s becoming easier than ever before to access a corpus of client information wherever, and through whichever tool, you want to.

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Does your law firm technology feel more like a sinking ship?  We can help.

The Wyoming State Bar offers free law practice management consulting services through Red Cave Law Firm Consulting.  To request a consult, visit the Wyoming State Bar’s law practice management page, and start running your law firm like a business.

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